Novruz bairam 2019


Novruz Bayramy or Novruz Bayram is one of the main national holidays for all Azerbaijanis. He is equally welcomed both in the Land of Lights and beyond, in large Azerbaijani communities. The national celebration is connected with pre-Islamic rites of sun worship and fertility of the inhabitants of Azerbaijan. Novruz celebrates the spring revival of nature, which is designed to bring people’s lives to change for the better. On this day it is common to forgive old grievances and make plans for a new rich harvest.

traditional Azerbaijani sweets – shekerbura, baklava, gogal, as well as juicy pilaf, kebabs and colored eggs – have always served as Novruz’s street symbols. One of the indispensable attributes of the spring festival is “sameni” – seeds of wheat sprouted in a small dish. The ritual object forms on the festive table a kind of a small green field, belted with a scarlet ribbon.

To the ancient traditions of Novruz Bayram in Azerbaijan are extremely reverently. Such customs, like mass dances around large fires and the performance of traditional dances and songs, try to observe both the inhabitants of rural areas and the Europeanized townspeople. Among them is the old game “Papag atma”, reminiscent of the carols we are accustomed to. During Novruz it is customary to throw caps or small bags to the doorstep of houses, which every self-respecting owner must fill up with delicious food to the top.

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